Looking for Top 10 Beautiful Santa of 2021

Dear all santa customers ,
Thanks again for choosing ZM santa wigs and beards products and supporting us in the passed seasons!
This year is our 4th year to hold the “Looking for the Top 10 Beautiful Santa” among our customers .

We hope by researching the beautiful photos in the passed season can call back the beautiful time we had been enjoyed and continue to spread the Christmas spirit in the whole year around ! Santa claus is a big family, March is a good time to look back, share, discuss and learn form each other during this activity.

Below is the time plan:

1.Photo collection

March 15th-25th (UTC+08:00), on Facebook Page(ZM hair Santa Claus Wig & Beard). Comment under our original post with your best photo .

2. Primary election

March 26th-31th (UTC+08:00). We (ZM Hair) will do the primary election and find out 16-20 candidates (we relax the candidates to be 20 , just hope more customers can have opportunity to the “Top 10 Votes” ).  So pls follow this rules to choose photos :

1 ) Beautiful ZM santa wig beard style (including restyle )

2) Professional make up and photography;

3) Big and clear photos of 2021 ;

3. Votes for top 10

1) April 1st-10th (UTC+08:00). All people can vote .Each people must vote for 5 candidates .  One vote counts one ballot.
2) April 5st-10th(UTC+08:00). Jury group can vote.  
We will invite popular and professional santas to be the jury group. Each Jury member must vote for 5 candidates . One vote counts five ballots.

4. Awarding

April 12th (UTC+08:00). The top 10 beautiful Santa pictures will be published on our website and social medias. The owner also will have the opportunity to try our new styles and get special discount vouchers ($300-$50) for 2022 orders .

Prizes setting:
First prize ($300 discount coupon)  X 1
Second prize ($200 coupon)  X 1
Third prize ($100 coupon)  X 3
Forth price ($50 coupon)X 5

Notice :

This activity is hold by ZM hair , on our Facebook Page
 (https://www.facebook.com/ZMhair-Santa-Claus-Wig-Beard-874221476095845/ ) , on each step we will update a post on facebook , pls focus our post and to do it on time .
Any question pls feel free to contact us !

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