Top 20 Beautiful Santa of 2021

Thanks very much for so many santa claus customers taking part in our contest and sharing with us your beautiful photos . Until March 25th , 2022, we totally got 74 santas , 157 pictures from santas from UK , USA , Canada, France ,Holland, Brazil, Australia, Peru,Romania,etc . Looking at their santa claus beard and wigs ,is perfect!Some customers may don’t have Facebook ; Some may didn’t join us in time ; Some may didn’t get their professional photo yet . It doesn’t matter , once you have beautiful photos u can send to us later ~ We are always looking forward to your improvements year by year ! For us , you all are the best santa claus !

After our primary election , 20 candidates are lucky to the
 ” ZM hair Top 10 Beautiful Santa of 2021″ Voting Process .

Welcome them !! (Photos are random posted , no ranking)

Matt Spaulding Y-05
Fernando Vergaray Castro Y-39
Cristian Andres Ceballos Derpich Y-30
Manitoba Santa Y-39
Ruud Manders Y-32
Michael Beurer B-27
Cor Visser Y-26
Jeff Caswell MY-01
Paydon Bradley b-11 Y-46 wig
Roy Stone Y-05
Mos Craciun Vaslui Y-39
Vincent Bisson Y-26 +Mrs-05
Gerrie Michiels Y-03
Nadège Belabed-Haus Y-23
Santa Dave Y-28
Hayden Parker Y-39
Jeremy Phelps Y-32
Brian Gibson B-39
Robert Taylor Y-30 +M-05
Amber Delaney DeJean Y-39

One thought on “Top 20 Beautiful Santa of 2021

  1. Hola mi voto es por Cristian Andrés Ceballos Derpich Y-30. ya que su proceso de creación del personaje cuenta con una veracidad actoral, manifestado no solo en su caracterización física, sino que también a través dela búsqueda de su kinética, etaria, su psicología y su estructura desde el contexto.

    Hello, my vote is for Cristian Andrés Ceballos Derpich Y-30. since his character creation process has an acting veracity, manifested not only in his physical characterization, but also through the search for his kinetics, age, psychology and structure from the context.

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