Custom made red yak hair theater lace costume wig C-26


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Model number : C-26

Type : Costume wig
Technique: lace front wig
Hair material : 100% yak hair
Hair length: 12 inch
Hair density: Full density                       
Hair color:  red ( other color available )
Hair Style:   Straight 
Produce time :  30 days
Delivery time: 3-5 days by DHL/FEDEX


Order Notice: 

Three Cap sizes available to choose .  pls check carefully before submit ur order . Prices are different in the above .

If you wig cap size is 23.5 inch , can just order this product derectly.

If your wig cap size is 24 inch, you need order this product with 24 inch cap size fee  together.

if your want custom made wig cap size, need order this product with custom made wig cap size fee together.


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