Old man grey yak hair beard moustache and eyebrows C-19


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full hand knotted

Model number : C-19

Type : Costume lace beard set               Technique:  full hand made
Hair material : 100% yak hair                Hair length: 4 inch
Hair density: Low density                     Hair color:  Grey, other colours available
Hair Style: Straight (can do other style as you like)
Produce time :  15days                         Delivery time: 3-4days by DHL/FEDEX


100% fine yak hair ,hand knotted carefully on it the soft skin lace .
The density is not full as other set, it is very natural , just
as hairs grows from skin. The front use single hairs single knots to make it more natural looking .

Yak hair has inborn curls, can wash and restyle. Great limberness!!

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